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Support For Sobriety

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Recovering from addiction and becoming sober is a journey that takes strength and courage to get through. No one will tell an addicted person that becoming clean and embracing a fully sober life free from intoxication is easy, but it’s a journey that is well worth taking. Addiction can be a ruinous experience, and those who have successfully recovered from addiction often speak of how much their lives have been transformed.

Leaving Rehab

One of the major challenges in becoming sober is facing daily life after leaving a rehab center. In rehab, a client has the full support of the center and everyone who is being treated there. For some newly sober people, returning to their old life after rehab can be a very challenging experience. Returning to the old neighborhood community as a sober person may mean falling back in with friends who hang out in bars or use drugs together. Being sober for the long term means taking on a whole new lifestyle, which is why many newly sober people choose to live in sober housing, like a
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A sober living facility is a place that offers a safe place to stay and resume some of the activities of normal life, but without the temptation to relapse back into addiction. Sober houses put a newly sober person into a community that offers support, as well as the chance to attend AA meetings with other housemates. All of this can be incredibly helpful as far as keeping a person in recovery on the right track and on the road to a lifestyle that is truly healthy and sober for the long term.

Being sober is a journey. If you are concerned about relapsing by returning home before you are ready, consider living in a sober facility. For many people in recovery, it is absolutely the right choice.

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Regular Dental Visits Are Vital to Your Oral Care

Taking care of your teeth and gum tissue requires brushing twice daily and flossing at least once per day, but it also requires visiting your dentist on a regular basis. Although dental check-ups should be considered one part of a total oral care strategy, many people fall short in this regard. This is one of the primary reasons that they experience extreme dental issues.

If you haven’t been as diligent in caring for your teeth as you should have been and would like to change that, one of the first things you’ll need to do is look for a quality dental care service. A full-service facility, such as Park Slope Family Dentistry, may be your best option. Years of inferior oral care have probably caused you to suffer severe oral health problems. At the very least, you likely have advanced gum disease. You probably have severe tooth decay as well, which should be treated as soon as possible. A dentist office that provides a full range of treatments can help resolve these issues efficiently.

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Once your new dentist has restored your teeth with root canal procedures, dental implants, or other procedures, it will be up to you to start taking better care of your teeth and gum tissue. This means continuing to visit your dentist every six months. The reason this is so important is that it gives your dentist an opportunity to look for new problems. Catching a cavity early, for example, will provide an opportunity to address the issue before it advances. It’s less painful and less expensive to submit to a drill and fill procedure than it is to arrange for a full root canal procedure or a tooth extraction.

When you work together with your dentist, you will practice better oral care. Your dentist can teach you how to take better care of yourself, so you can avoid future problems. Your dentist’s goal is to help you keep your teeth healthy and strong for as long as possible, but he can’t do that if you’re missing your routine appointments.

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Why Opt for An Open MRI?

MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a machine that uses radio waves and magnets. It is attached to a computer and it works by taking images inside your body. It is used for diagnosis and to check if your body is responding to a particular treatment. This is more powerful than x-rays, ultrasound or CT scans.

Some flushing imaging centers are offering the different types of MRI – the close and open MRI. Depending on the type of scan that is needed, your doctor will determine whether you need an open or a closed MRI. Regardless of the type of MRI scan, the result is the same for these MRI scans.

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However, people nowadays are opting to have an open MRI scan due to some reasons. Some patients with claustrophobia don’t want to experience the feeling of being trapped inside a closed MRI machine. The feeling of being trapped can affect their body and senses and when uncomfortable, it might affect the result of the MRI.

Another reason why open MRI is a much better choice is that it can accommodate anyone of size and weight. If you are a big person, you might find yourself being squeezed inside an MRI machine, something that you don’t have to do with an open MRI.

As for kids, an open MRI reduces anxiety during a scan. Imagine how your kids cannot stay still for 5 minutes during regular hours and think of how they will feel if they are placed inside a closed MRI machine! In an open MRI, children can be more cooperative and calm during the scan.

Open MRI is a new technology and if you will have a test with your body, wouldn’t you want to do it with the latest MRI technology? In addition, open MRI is cheaper than closed MRI because, for one, the hospital or diagnostic center didn’t pay for an MRI machine.

Lastly, open MRI scan is known for its non-invasive procedure and since you are not enclosed in a small box, you can expect no side effects. You are not exposed to any radiation with this procedure. For hospitals or a flushing imaging center that offers open MRI procedure, you can always ask your personal doctor or look online.