Before Hiring Home Health

Providing care for a family member who is sick or disabled can be challenging without some kind of help. If there are no other family members available to assist with the care needed, then consider hiring a home health care agency that can provide nurses and nursing assistants who can provide care in the home. This is a benefit so that your loved one doesn’t have to go to a nursing home or assisted living facility, staying in a place where they are comfortable and enjoy seeing their belongings.

When you begin looking for home health care agencies Bethesda MD offers, there are a few questions you should ask as well as a few things that you should keep in mind pertaining to the kind of service that is needed. Ask about the services that are offered by the agency and what you would be responsible for pertaining to the care of your loved one. You also need to ask about the certifications and licenses held by the workers. There are some agencies that will hire people who aren’t certified as home health workers.

Talk to the agency about home health and personal care. There is a difference between the two services. Personal care is more along the lines of bathing, helping with getting dressed, and helping with meals while home health involves assisting with medications, caring for wounds, and helping with medical treatments. Home health is often provided by nurses and therapists while personal care is usually provided by assistants and those who work without a license but who have gone through training with the agency to care for clients. Ask about the services that insurance will cover and if you need to pay for anything out of pocket as this can sometimes dictate how often someone comes to help with your loved one and the services that are provided.