Home Care Services Help You Keep Your Elderly Loved One at Home

As your parents age and reach their senior years, you will find that a role reversal takes place. This means you’re responsible for the care of your parents and you’ll have to decide the best way to care for them. It becomes problematic, because physical illness and cognitive degeneration may make it impossible for them to remain at home and unsupervised.

While a nursing home is one option, there are some significant drawbacks to confining your elder loved one to an assisted living facility. In addition to the high costs, your elder loved one will feel abandoned and may be frightened by the unfamiliar surroundings. Home care services offer the supervision your senior parent needs, while allowing them to stay at home. This makes this type of care a better option. In addition, it’s less costly than admitting your loved one into an assisted living facility.

Home health care services strive to hire highly trained and compassionate caregivers, so the level of care is never compromised. This means you can request caregivers experienced in handling seniors suffering from any of a number of conditions. Including dementia care Darien CT , aides are trained in caring for individuals suffering from cancer, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease. You may even choose to hire a home care aide temporarily, while your parent recovers from surgery.

It’s also possible to choose the level of care provided by the home care aide. The most basic service is simply intended to provide companionship and ensure elders don’t injure themselves. You may also request homemaking services that include light cleaning chores, preparing meals, and making sure the elderly individual is adhering to medication schedules. A higher degree of care may include helping the senior bathe and dress. In many cases, you can customize the service to suit your needs.

Whatever your specific situation, hiring a home care service may be the best way to ensure your elder loved one is receiving needed care. You can’t always be there, so using this type of service can help you fulfill the needs of your senior parent. They will be safe and they won’t feel lonely or abandoned, even where you can’t be there in person.