I wasn’t sure about this..but I seriously need to have your help. For a last two a long time I ha…

I wasn’t sure about this..but I seriously need to have your help.
For a last two a long time I have a health difficulty that’s ruining my lifetime.
Im dropping moblility of my arms and it is gettin’ even worse day by day
Health professionals are not just sure why this is occurring.
In present condition it is challenging for me to keep a pen and I’m seriously afraid it is gonna get even worse.
You see there is possiblity I’ll reduce ability of carrying out any kind of artwork I do and really like.
Like drawing, stitching, embroidery, playin’ instruments and producing costumes. For now just about every of this things to do is forbbiden for me.
I was associating my foreseeable future with the last a person and willing to go on costume structure scientific tests future yr.
The difficulty is I do not have any dollars for a lot more healthcare tests not even mentioning any medical procedures. But there is no way I’m gonna give up.
And that’s why Im comin’ to you. I’m not askin’ for donation but contemplating buyin’ a commision from me.
I can draw you literally anything at all (at minimum I’ll check out there is a large amount I was by no means drawin’ in my lifetime )
your OCs , your ships , produce you a sona , your favourite character
Anything at all.
I’m new in electronic drawing that’s why I can only make a sketch or lineart or a tradicional sketch.
You can pay me how significantly you want starting from two $
For payment information be sure to speak to me by e-mail ([email protected]) or just publish me here on instagram.
I’ll check out my greatest I swear.
My adress is 123-help appropriate now.
Im operating out of time.
#myart #healthproblem #artistinneed #crisis #commissions #pleasehelpme


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  1. prub.y
  2. prub.y
  3. kurolelion
    @brian_eppy._ It's okey dont worry. Thank you!
  4. kurolelion
    @grxyskixs Thank you
  5. ashlyncopper
    I don't have a pay pal but I have a credit card let me save up a little more and I'll buy from you
  6. kurolelion
    @ashlyncopper That would help a lot lot
  7. trash.umbrella
    I don't have enough money myself, but I hope you reach your goal❤️
  8. queenhamiltrash
    I really want to help but I don't have PayPal, I feel really bad about that. I really hope this gets better!!❤️❤️❤️
  9. jungkookiwoulddie4u
    I don't have a PayPal / credit card but I'd love to help, is there anything I can do??
  10. kurolelion
    @bumblebeefinley I dont know. Maybe just spread the message
  11. kinggroffiii
    after Christmas I'll try to get one but at the moment I don't have any money but your art is beautiful and I'd hate for you to have to stop because of Heath issues
  12. kurolelion
    @kinggroffii thank you very much. It means a world to me
  13. muffin_sob
    I don't have a paypal or credit card but I'm going to spread the message. I really hope you get better!
  14. kurolelion
    @guruvii Thank you!!
  15. kurolelion
    @homo_muffin Thanks it's still helping
  16. celeen_was_here
    I'm very sorry to hear that but I unfortunately don't have a paypal and I only have cash I am extremely sorry and I wish you the best of luck for the donations you get
  17. celestial.kiddo
    I wish that i could donate or commision you,but unfortunately i can't at the moment because i'm really young and I don't have a PayPal.The best i can do for now is inform other people about your condition and hopefully they could commision you,i really hope that you do recover fast and you do achieve this goal.
  18. kurolelion
    @celestial.kiddo Thank you for the helping will
  19. celestial.kiddo
    If i had any money i would try to commision you,but again,i'm gonna pray for your fast recovery and inform some of my other friends about this.
  20. celestial.kiddo
    @kurolelion No problem :)
  21. 1.800.helpless
    I dont have a credit card or PayPal so i cant donate, but could i post it to both my story and acc? Get the word out?
  22. kurolelion
    @1.800.helpless That would be so kind. Please do
  23. kikiful_grace
    Oh shit, oh shit, I'm sending $100 hold up
  24. vanilmaz
    I'll buy something
  25. kurolelion
    @vanilmaz really?
  26. vanilmaz
    Omg totally !!!