Improve Menopause Conditions Using Herbal Supplement

As women ages, their ovary will produce fewer hormone and will stop to produce egg and menstrual period. This conditions is called menopause, and every women will eventually experience menopause. When women reach age of 40, they might experience symptoms of menopause. The symptoms may include sweat, anxious, headache, vaginal dryness, infection of the urinary tract and vagina, mood swings, loss of confidence and even reduced interest in sex.

While vaginal dryness and infection could cause discomfort during sex, many women express a strong desire to keep doing sex activity with their partner. Sex is more than physical contact with partner, its also keep the intimacy and love exchange between partner. After menopause, women generally have lower sex drive and discomfort during intercourse, this make many people think that menopause means the end of sex life.

However, that doesnt mean that their sex live is ended, a good mix of herbal supplements can help menopause symptoms and ensure to balance hormones and discomfort. A great herbal supplement are also capable to enchancing libido, sexual arousal and pleasure even in menopause conditions. There are four key herbs that capable to help menopause symptoms, tribulus terrestris, damiana, horny goat weed and dong quai. All of them already used in traditional medicine for centuries to improve menopause conditions.