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Examines health issues, scientific understanding of causes, and achievable future approaches to control of the big environmental health problems in industrialized and building nations. The present day EHO is a skilled group whose nomenclature had changed over the years from the then nuisance inspector of the 1930s to the sanitary inspector of the 1950s and 1960s to the public health superintendent of the 1970s and lastly to the present day environmental health officer. Three basic disciplines normally contribute to the field of environmental health: environmental epidemiology, toxicology, and exposure science.

Each of these disciplines contributes distinct facts to describe problems in environmental health, but there is some overlap among them. There is no component of Nigeria that has no environmental health issues ranging from waste strong, liquid, and gaseous , erosion, desert encroachment, environmental pollution air, water, and land and so forth, yet not a great deal is becoming done to tackle the troubles.

Majority of EHO that passed out then and now preferred to switch to other professions to additional their education due to non-availability environmental health connected courses in our Nigerian universities, infact even those that graduate via HND had been no longer permitted to participate in NYSC since 1999 immediately after the 1st two set of the HND programme passed out, and worth nonetheless there is no position as to when will the circumstance be rectified.

Emphasis on it was downplayed in favour of the other three measures which are: early diagnosis and prompt treatment use of insecticides treated bed nets and mosquito control and provision of malaria treatment for pregnant females to reduce impact of malaria infection on their health, and on the health and development of their kids, are of economic get to the corporations and the promoters of goods to be utilised than that of prevention, therefore the non giving priority to the prevention.

Environmental Health and Trading Standards: Consumer Charter pdf / 163KB We aim to provide an powerful, effective and high top quality service to boost and safeguard public health, defend regional communities and help the nearby economy. It is presumed that some of these chemical compounds may possibly present new, unexpected challenges to human health, and, consequently, their security should be evaluated prior to release. Other terms that refer to the discipline of environmental health contain environmental public health and environmental health and protection.