Support For Sobriety

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Recovering from addiction and becoming sober is a journey that takes strength and courage to get through. No one will tell an addicted person that becoming clean and embracing a fully sober life free from intoxication is easy, but it’s a journey that is well worth taking. Addiction can be a ruinous experience, and those who have successfully recovered from addiction often speak of how much their lives have been transformed.

Leaving Rehab

One of the major challenges in becoming sober is facing daily life after leaving a rehab center. In rehab, a client has the full support of the center and everyone who is being treated there. For some newly sober people, returning to their old life after rehab can be a very challenging experience. Returning to the old neighborhood community as a sober person may mean falling back in with friends who hang out in bars or use drugs together. Being sober for the long term means taking on a whole new lifestyle, which is why many newly sober people choose to live in sober housing, like a
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A sober living facility is a place that offers a safe place to stay and resume some of the activities of normal life, but without the temptation to relapse back into addiction. Sober houses put a newly sober person into a community that offers support, as well as the chance to attend AA meetings with other housemates. All of this can be incredibly helpful as far as keeping a person in recovery on the right track and on the road to a lifestyle that is truly healthy and sober for the long term.

Being sober is a journey. If you are concerned about relapsing by returning home before you are ready, consider living in a sober facility. For many people in recovery, it is absolutely the right choice.